Santa writes heartwarming letter to kids who won't be with their parents on Christmas

we love 19/12/2018

A woman has shared a letter she received from Santa online and it has since gone viral. 

The letter from Santa is for kids who won't be with their parents on Christmas day for one reason or another.

You can read the full letter below...

"A jolly greeting to you from the North Pole!

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re all hard at work preparing for the big night! You surely know that every December 25th I visit children around the world, spreading holiday cheer. But did you know I make other, special trips for children just like you?

I’ve only sent this message to a special group of kids around the world- kids whose moms and dad have exceptional jobs, taking them away on Christmas Day. Christmas is about family, and even though your mom or dad will be working hard on the 25th, I want your whole family to have a very special Christmas morning- together.

With that in mind, my elves have helped me set up a few special deliveries just for you. 

Always remember, Christmas isn’t about a box on the calendar, but the feeling we keep in our hearts. Thank you for being such great children; your mom and dad are proud of you, and so am I.

Merry Christmas!"

The woman also shared some download links on her Facebook post to make sharing the letters around easier.

There are versions of the letter for first responders, medical professionals, pilots and flight crews, divorced families and one for general use...