Study claims 1/5 women are physically attracted to Santa

omg 12/12/2018

A recent study from dating app Lumen has found that 19% of women are attracted to the big man in red... Santa Claus!

The results showed that out of those who found Father Christmas attractive, they did so due to his friendly appearance and big bushy beard. Other reasons included that he's good with kids, well-travelled, generous and has a reliable job...

"Being older doesn’t make you any less attractive," one of the researchers said.

"We were keen to uncover how many women find Santa’s silver hair, thick beard, and larger build a turn on. And at nearly a fifth of women, it's more than most might think."

Based on this study, it seems like whoever wrote the song "I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus" was on to something all those years ago!