The number one Christmas gift people chuck out revealed

omg 18/12/2018

Once all the fun of gift-giving, eating, drinking and enjoying family time is over, often families go through the stuff they've recieved and decide if they actually want it or not. If they want the added clutter to their home or not. 

According to Retail Development Manager for the NSW branch of The St Vincent de Paul Society (similar to the Salvation Army) there's one particular gift they keep seeing dumped after Christmas.

"Candles," she told 10 daily. "Loads and loads of them".

"There's often lots of personal items such as homewards, gift sets and fragrances. Usually, things that are too difficult to take back to the stores."

"We also end up getting a lot of Christmas decorations as well," she said. "So one thing you can do is go and visit a Vinnies store and stockpile Christmas decorations for the next year," she said.

The 5 Most Unwanted Christmas Gifts
  • Candles
  • Perfume
  • Gift Sets
  • Homewares
  • Kitchen Utensils