This is how long it takes to become 'best friends' with someone according to study

omg 18/12/2018

A study from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships has found the exact amount of time you need to spend with someone in order to be classed as 'best' or 'close' friends.

The researchers say you need to spend 200 hours (or 81 and 1/3 days) of getting to know eachother before you're really comfortable around that person. Much of that time should be spent "joking around, having meaningful conversations and catching up with one another."

"We have to put that time in. You can't snap your fingers and make a friend." one of the researchers said.

"Maintaining close relationships is the most important work we do in our lives – most people on their deathbeds agree."

"When people transition between stages, they'll double or triple the amount of time they spend with that other person in three weeks' time."

"I found freshmen who spent one-third of all waking hours in a month with one good friend."

"Make it a priority to spend time with potential friends. If you are interested in a friendship, switch up the context."

"If you work together, go to lunch or out for a drink. These things signal to people that you are interested in being friends with them."