Woman earns $15,000 a year selling placenta smoothies and artwork

omg 13/12/2018

A 23-year-old midwife says she earns an extra AU$15,000 (NZ$15,721) a year from selling products made with the placentas of her clients, including face creams, smoothies and artwork. 

For the past two years, Ciara Noble has been collecting fresh placentas from new mothers. 

The Melbourne-based midwife became a certified Placenta Remedies Specialist after researching the benefits new mothers may experience from consuming their placenta. She launched her business Kindred Postnatal Products in January, 2017.

"Some people might be turned off by it, but it's such a natural and beautiful thing," she told Caters. 

"I've provided my services to over 100 women so far and have had nothing but positive feedback. It's an amazing to feeling to know I've helped in some little way."

Noble has chosen to work with placenta because it's "so special", as it keeps a baby alive for nine months.  

"I first heard about the possible benefits of placenta encapsulation - which turns the placenta into pills to swallow - after I graduated from university," she said.

She particularly enjoys making artistic placenta keepsakes like placenta-blood prints and umbilical cord ornaments. 

"I absolutely love doing the little keepsakes an extra thing. I don't charge for them, I just think it's really nice to give it to the new mothers as an extra surprise," she said. 

"The very first thing I do when I get the placenta is make the prints. You just need to lay a piece of paper on top of it and press it down, and it creates these beautiful paintings.

"I also love the little keepsake ornaments. The umbilical cord is so beautiful. You can see the veins, and those are the lifelines that keep your baby alive," she said.

Noble, who works full time as a midwife, runs her business on the side - with the extra income even helping her fund a dream holiday to New York City earlier this year.