Woman's 'should mothers have careers' flowchart causes outrage among parents

omg 13/12/2018

A woman's flowchart of 'should mothers have careers' has caused outrage and gone viral on Twitter.

The flowchart clearly shows the uploaders views - that she thinks it isn't possible for woman to do both. After uploading the flowchart, she was quickly hit with comments from people fighting back against her outrageous claims...

"Could you be more of a sexist!?" one person hit back.

"I have a PhD, 2 human children, several furry children, a husband. I am the chair of my department, donated 70 hours of my time to my children’s school EACH year both of them were there... My daughter AND my son understand women are smart, strong and capable."

"My mum does it all without a husband and with a career. Your little 'would you rather' graph is BS and belittling women who exceeded societal expectations and have a career. How does having a career (as a woman) make you a neglecting mother?" added another.

Someone else replied with their own flowchart saying "here, I fixed it for you"...

Despite her controversial views being widely shared, judging by these comments it's clear her views aren't shared by most others!