Woman's cheeky online shopping hack sparks controversy

omg 06/12/2018

With the countdown until Christmas well and truly on, chances are you've thought about doing some online shopping. A woman has shared a hack she's been using online to save some money, but it hasn't gone down well...

The hack is for websites who waive the postage fee for purchases over a certain amount. This woman simply buys more than she needs to get the free postage and then sends back the products she doesn't want.

People were quick to chime in with their thoughts... Not everyone thought it was a good idea however!

"I do this all the time... Delivery is expensive! I return to store what I don’t want rather than posting it back." one person wrote.

"I had never actually thought of doing that before. Seems a lot of hassle to be sending stuff back just for the sake of saving a few bucks on the delivery." added another.

But others were quick to call the idea 'deceiving’, not 'morally right' and 'fraud'.

"I can’t believe that anyone would encourage this!" one person raged.

"This will drive prices up and people who return the items to the stores don’t realise that it then comes off their bottom line of sales for the day. Could result in more shop closures. Get a grip on yourselves!"

What do you make of the hack? Deceiving or clever? 

Source: GoodToKnow