Eating cheese can actually make you live longer

we love 19/12/2018

Cheese is one of those delicious foods that can go with virtually anything (if you're game enough anyway!). Cheese is so versatile you can have it hot, cold, with crackers, in a sandwich. You can eat it straight from the block, or chop it up in little cubes. And these are only a handful of examples of what cheese can do.

And now the dairy delicacy has given us another reason to add it to every meal possible - as studies show it may actually make you live longer.

While it may seem to gouda to be true, according to scientific journal The Lancet, cheese is not the enemy that the media has painted it out to be. Over 9 years, scientists fed over 130,000 people in 21 countries a lot of cheese and found that the people they tested ended up with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eating three portions of dairy a day can lower chances of a stroke and heart-related diseases. You can choose to take the portions as either three spoonfuls of butter, three glasses of milk, or a 15g portion of cheese… which would you rather have?