How to get rid of that one annoying mozzie in your bedroom when you are trying to sleep

NZ 18/12/2018

Summer is great. Warmer tempratures, longer days. But one thing that comes with summer is the increased threat of little blood-sucking bugs and other multi-legged creatures with wings.

While during the day the little insects are albiet bearable, at night when you are trying to sleep, they are far from it. The mind-numbingly irritating ‘bzzzzz’-ing noise is enough to drive you nuts.

If you can't grit your teeth and bear the little bug whizzing around your room, and you don't have the paitence to try and shoo it out the door or have bug-spray handy, the next best option is to use your lights as a magnet.

A popular option is to turn off all lights in your room. If you have a bedside table lamp, leave that switched on. Then, stand by the lamp and breathe heavily.

The logic behind this is that mosquitoes are attracted to light, carbon dioxide and body heat.

When the mozzie is near, turn on your phone’s torch and hold it flush against the wall. As soon as the mozzie lands, you will be able to squash them, or gently cup your hands around them and evacuate them from your bedroom.

Another option involves a slightly similar tactic, although you do not have to remove yourself from bed. When you are under the sheets, lie on your back and then lift you knees so that your thighs are perpendicular to the mattress.

Switch on your phone light and place it on your chest. Inhale and exhale deep breaths, and wait for the mozzie to be lured in.