Science proves that hot chips could be healthier for you than salad

we love 18/12/2018

Hot chips might actually be better for you than salad, reports Food Envy.

But long story short, it all comes down to your genetic make-up.

Some people can eat a lot of deep-friend food and have no adverse effects whatsoever, whereas someone else just needs to take a singular bite, and then all of a sudden they’re staring at the scales wondering what happened.

It's just science.

The scientists for this particular study are from Israel at the Weizmann Institute and are led by Professor Eran Segal. They monitored the rise of blood sugar levels among 800 different people who consumed identical meals. They also tracked their physical activity; sleep habits, and bathroom activity.

They found that people’s bodies react very differently to the exact same foods. For example what causes a sharp glucose spike in one person might cause no major or adverse glycemic response in another person.

The results that the scientists came across was that:

  • One participant can eat French fries to their heart’s content but there is no negative effect on the health.
  • One participant’s blood sugar levels spiked after eating bananas but not after eating cookies, while another participant experienced the opposite reaction.
  • Other participants experienced a glucose spike after eating sushi but not after eating ice-cream and vice versa.

Professor Segal said: “The huge differences that we found in the rise of blood sugar levels among different people who consumed identical meals highlights why personalised eating choices are more likely to help people stay healthy than universal dietary advice.”

This could be why so many people don't last long on their diets. They have followed something very specific but their body just doesn't agree with it, so it's very easy to revert back to your normal diet when your willpower is gone.