Studies prove that having a dog at work benefits the whole company

we love 19/12/2018

If you are lucky enough to work in a place that allows dogs, then you already know all about the benefits, but unfortunately pet-friendly workplaces are often few and far between.

For those trying to convince their boss to make their workplace more pet-friendly, you can persuade them a little more easily by backing up your request with the results from these studies.

Increase Performance

It has been proven the employees work harder and focus more on their work when they are allowed to bring their pets into work with them. While some argue that pets at work can be a distraction, for the owner of the pet it is actually a lot more calmer. They aren't anxiously wondering what their pet is up to all day, and don't feel the need to rush home to see them straight after work. Those who brings their pets into work often, actually tend to stay later and make sure all of their work is done.

Reduce Stress

Even if the dog in the office isn't a trained therapy dog, all dogs share the traits of being able to comfort humans. Seeing their big happy smiles when they get their pats, and them looking adorably at you with their big puppy dog eyes is enough to put everyone a bit more at ease.

Improve company image

Having pets in the office can bring a massive boost to how your company is perceived. Being pet-friendly means employees are more likely to boast and talk positively about their workplace.

Better employee/department interactions

Canine friends in the office is an easy way to get all of your employees/departments to mix and mingle. Dogs can bring everyone together.

Encourage healthy breaks

It's been proven time and time again that employees are a lot more productive when they take occasional breaks. Stepping away from the task at hand and playing with a pooch or taking one for a quick walk is a good excuse for a break and a brain refresher.

Of course, before the dogs come barreling into the office, just remember:

  1. Make sure employees aren't allergic or afraid of dogs.
  2. Make sure the building allows pets.
  3. Make sure the dogs are well behaved.
  4. Make sure the dog can't get away from their owner.
  5. Make sure the dog has access to necessities like water and a safe place to be.