The best, cheapest and easiest Kmart hacks of 2018

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2018 has wrapped and while a lot of things happened this year one thing stayed solidified, and that was Kmart being our one-stop shop for everything we need (and everything we don't really need but want because it's so cheap and pretty!)
Over the past year, Kmart addicts like us have been gracing us with their nifty Kmart hacks, with many 'breaking the internet'. Some hacks are life-changing, while others are simply something awesome to try, but we have compiled a list of our favourite Kmart hacks from 2018.
A recent hack that hit the internet by storm, this cheap hack is going to help babies across NZ this summer when the heat strikes.
Now there is no excuses for not being able to cook poached eggs with this handy hack!
For only $2, Kmart's magic eraser gives you whiter shoes and a better result than most expensive brands would.
We were blown away by this mum's imagination and how she turned her living room into and epic birthday party set-up for her little girl and her friends.
Storage is something nearly all of us struggle with - it seems like there is never enough! But this mum mastered the art of storage thanks to Kmart.
This daughter showed us how we can transform our whole kitchen by simply heading into Kmart and picking up a few little goodies. The results are amazing and the price tag of the whole renovation was just a fraction of what a normal kitchen redo would cost.
Photo credit: Kmart Mums Australia

Woman shares her genius $10 Kmart gift idea that works for any occasion

This woman discovered a pretty amazing hack for when it comes to Christmas, birthday's or anything in between! It can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like and the results are amazing!

People are going nuts over this Kmart coffee machine

The Kmart coffee machine is very rarely seen on shelves after it was discovered that it makes barista-quality coffees on a machine a lot cheaper than a professional one!

Mum uses DIY skills to create epic, inexpensive Kmart fascinator

One lady discovered a hack in Kmart to create a fascinator fit to win Fashion In The Field. It's fully customisable and you're guaranteed no one else will have one the same.