The most stressful jobs of 2018 revealed

omg 13/12/2018

Job website has released its annual list of the 10 most stressful jobs and the results are a little unsurprising. 

The jobs were evaluated according to 11 core factors: travel, career growth potential, physical demands, enviromental conditions, hazards encountered, meeting the public, competition, risk of death or grievous injury, immediate risk of another's life, deadlines and working in the public eye.

10. Taxi Driver

Potential causes of stress: Traffic, directions, vulnerability

9. Senior Corporate Executive

People management, high-stakes decision making

8. Public Relations Executive

Potential causes of stress: High public visibility, public speaking, management of bad publicity

7. Broadcaster

Potential causes of stress: High public visibility/scrutiny, Live television, Public speaking

6. Newspaper Reporter

Potential causes of stress: Strict deadlines

5. Event Coordinator 

Potential causes of stress: Strict deadlines, large-scale organisation

4. Police Officer

Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations

3. Airline Pilot

Potential causes of stress: People's lives and safety in their hands

2. Firefighter

Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations, people's lives in their hands

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations, war zones, weapons management