Why experts are saying you should wrap your car keys in tinfoil

omg 19/12/2018

It's crazy to think how much technology has advanced over the last few decades. Our cars are the perfect example, with many newer cars featuring hands-free calling, blind spot detectors, keyless entry and a start/stop button for their ignition. 

But with all these awesome new features coming to our cars, there are a few setbacks. A big one of these, is that with new car technology, it is getting easier for thieves to break into these cars.

If you drive a modern vehicle, chances are you use a keyless entry system or a remote to unlock it (and even start the engine) from a distance as long as you're within a couple hundred feet of the car.

Unfortunately, this feature isn't just convenient for you, it makes it that much easier for thieves to get a hold of your car.

The criminals hack is simple, all they need to do is intercept the wireless signal that is emitted for the chip embedded in the key. Since each car has a unique code, all the criminal needs to do is steal the wireless signal just twice and then use the software to narrow it down to the exact code.

More advanced thieves will also use tools like amplifiers that will strengthen your cars signal.

Car manufacturers are aware of this issue happening worldwide, but are still working on a secure fix for it.

While speaking with USA Today, retired FBI agent and cyber-security expert Holly Hubert advised vehicle owners to wrap their fobs in tinfoil because the metal helps block signals from being picked up by criminals.

"Although it's not ideal, it is the most inexpensive way," said Hubert, adding, "The cyber threat is so dynamic and ever changing, it’s hard for consumers to keep up."