Why New Year's Resolutions are "for losers"

omg 19/12/2018

While many people take the start of a new year as a time to reflect on their past 365 days and make a new resolution for the next 365, Forbes is reporting that you shouldn't actually do that.

The stats to back up their claim are quite confronting with around 40% of humans studied making solid New Year's resolutions. But of them, 80% failed their resolution in the first 30 days. Only 8% of those Forbes studied actually made it through the year with what they promised themselves at the start of 2018.

The most common resolution for Americans was to save money, following closely with people wanting to lose weight and/or get healthier.

But as Forbes said, "knowing that over three-quarters of those who embark on these goals are going to fail, what’s a person to do? Don’t make resolutions."

But amongst Forbes' harsh solution, they also offered some alternatives.

Author Susannah Conway suggested not making a 'rigid resolution' and instead using a 'word of the year'. She suggested looking at what you would make your New Year's resolution, like getting fit or saving money, and finding a word that is similar like 'Thrifty', or 'Fitness' and using that as your 'word of the year' and a s a motivator to reach your goals.

Among choosing a word, Forbes also suggested being paitent with yourself as habits are hard to beat. If you're used to eating your weight in pizza every single night, don't just go cold turkey when you want to give it up. Wean yourself off it slowly and be paitent. By the end of the year you are more likely to kick that habit rather than be another statistic that falls off the wagon in the first 30 days.