"Thoughtless" bridezilla blocks her sister for ignoring last minute wedding rule

omg 17/01/2019

A devastated sister has taken to Facebook to vent about her "bridezilla" sister who had blocked online post-wedding.

In the emotional post, the sister revealed that the bride brutally shunned her sister for bringing her daughter to a wedding after a 'strict' no kids rule was added at the last minute.

The bride said that all children were to go to a pre-organized, off-site babysitter while the adults all enjoyed the bride's big day. 

Not wanting to leave her daughter with a stranger the sister "volunteered" to miss the ceremony to look after her child as well as her other nieces to save her "teary" family members from missing out, leaving the bride livid.

"I go back to the room with all my nieces and daughter, rented a movie, salvaged some snacks from the vending machines, and had a blast," she wrote.

But when she looked at her phone, she was horrified to find a bunch of messages from one of the bridesmaids telling her not to contact her sister as it had been "extremely stressful for her".

"Of course, still failing to realise that we didn't know any of this until 20 minutes before the ceremony. She says that I should have assumed this might happen because all of her pre-wedding events were child-free (her two showers, etc) which would have been valid had she not sent my daughter an actual invitation to RSVP with."

Since the big day, she's not spoken to her sister, despite trying to contact her several times via phone and Facebook.