A glass of wine before bed might help you lose weight says study

omg 25/01/2019

A recent study from Harvard Medical School has suggested that a glass of wine before bed might help you lose weight.

The study says that it all comes down to a chemical found in wine known as Resveratrol. The chemical apparently minimises your desire to eat and also combats fat cells.

The study has been ongoing over the last 13 years and found that women who drink two glases of wine daily were 70% more likely to experience weightloss than those who didn't.

On top of that, in general wine is a healthier alcoholic option as it has less calories and more antioxidants compared to drinks like beer.

While the study is still taking place - the findings so far sound pretty good for wine lovers. Although your desire to crack open a bottle may have increased, drinking in moderation is always key!

Source: Elle Australia