Asymmetrical jeans are 'apparently' the new upcoming fashion trend

omg 16/01/2019

If you've ever woken up in the morning and struggled with the decision between whether to wear skinny jeans or flares, then Designer Ksenia Schnaider has designed the perfect pair of pants for you.

The asymmetrical jeans have two different legs - one of them is a skinny jean and the other features a bold flare.

The jeans are certainly unique, and come with a pretty hefty pricetag - £290 to be exact.

Speaking to Vogue about her design, Ksenia Schnaider said: "My partner, Anton Schnaider, said that it was too crazy and no one needs jeans like this, so I abandoned this idea for a couple of seasons.

"But a few months ago, I realized that at least one person needs such jeans-me!"

Ksenia also spoke about her experience of wearing the jeans, explaining: "The jeans can surprise and make people smile.