Bakery goes viral after refusing to serve customers who are on their phones

funny stuff 28/01/2019

An Australian bakery has caused controversy after putting out a sign requesting customers stay off the phone when ordering food.

"Please do not get offended if we don't serve you whilst you are talking on your phone. If your phone call cannot wait, your food can. Thanks," the sign installed at a Victoria bakery said.

Commenters on social media site Reddit were split about whether the sign was appropriate, although a majority were in favour of the rule.

"Good on them. It's disrespectful. If you can't end the phone call, put it on f**king hold for like 30 seconds," one person wrote.

"It is actually very rude and disrespectful. I understand why it would annoy service people," said another.

Others shared their own stories of seeing rude people on their phones in stores.

"I was once stuck behind a lady who took forever to order. As she was going through her bag to get her purse, her phone started ringing... so she answered, complete holding up the line (sic)," one person said.

"I remember being a supermarket cashier a lady being on her phone the entire time I was serving her, finally hung up as I was handing over receipt and got a rude 'Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for asking' because I hadn't asked how she was yet," another wrote.

However others called the move "petty" and claimed people should never assume why somebody is on the phone.

"I have never understood this combative attitude some businesses take, it just seems petty," one person wrote.

A member of a volunteer emergency service suggested the call might be important, explaining: "You don't know who's on the other end of that phone call."

"That message I just got and phone call I'm subsequently making could be about your mate who's in a mangled mess on the side of the road."