Child's heartbreaking sign about cat goes viral for a good reason

we love 23/01/2019

When you're young, your pets can literally mean the world to you. Your pet is your family and is always there to give you love and support. Sadly, when kids grow up with a pet, the pets are often their first experience with death and loss. 

One child in the British town of Hale has evidently gone through that tragic experience. 

Notes on one of the streets in the town started cropping up. They were written in childish scrawl and had a heartbreaking message on them.

"My cat got killed here. Please go slow. Animals crossing," it read.

The sign fast went viral and proves to serve as a good reminder of those who may push the speed limit when traveling around residental streets. A lot of the time, people's pets are out roaming and even young children are out playing, so making sure you are under the speed limit when traveling these streets is crucial to avoid something bad.

One person described the child's sign as being "more powerful than a street sign."