Dad opens up about being 'fake' in front of his kids and it is very relatable

parenting 10/01/2019

An anonymous dad was interviewed on the long-running, super popular social media project, Humans Of New York and he decided to use his opportunity to reveal a deep secret about his parenting style. 

Interestingly enough, his words ring very true for a lot of people. 

As he told Humans of New York, he is moderately concerned that his "kids are going to be shocked when they become adults and learn that I’ve basically been playing a character for their entire lives."

And he doesn't mean a character like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

The dad revealed that he is normally a very laid back kind of guy, but his 'character' isn't as per say. He said that he really couldn't care less if his kids didn't make their beds or if they scratched the walls, but his 'character' "has expectations".

He says what he means and he does what he says. My character hates video games. He barely allows them in the house. And he’ll banish them immediately when rules are broken. But I actually play Mario Kart all the time when they’re at school.