Daughter's touching reminder to mum with dementia goes viral

we love 30/01/2019

A note left in the home of a dementia patient is getting praise online for reassuring the elderly women that everything was fine.

Posted to Reddit, a picture of a whiteboard with notes such as 'you're okay', and 'you don't owe anyone any money' has gone viral, with thousands of comments.

The list of reassurances also includes 'your meals are paid for', and 'you haven't upset anyone'.

The poster said the whiteboard was left by the patient's daughter and "helped to reduce constant anxious phone calls".

Photo credit: Reddit/Lowcrbnaman

Commenters have praised the simple but effective way to keep a dementia patient's mind at ease.

"This reassurance is hugely beneficial," said a commenter who said they worked with dementia patients.

"So many of my patients with dementia have anxiety about owing someone money or needing to pay for where they are."

Others added what they would put on the list for their loved ones.

"You can use the bathroom whenever you like," suggested one commenter.

"My ex's great grandma used to think she had been told she wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom. Sad and very dangerous."

Another added that the original list had "missed the most important line: 'we all love you Mum'."

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