Exclusive pictures from 'Frozen 2' have been leaked to the internet

omg 18/01/2019

Kids and Disney fanatics everywhere have been waiting for a sequel to the beloved Frozen since 2013 and finally at the end of last year, Disney gave us a release date to look forward to.

The sequel is set to be one of the biggest in Disney history, and it's no surprise that people have already been trying to dig up more information on Frozen 2.

Now, we may finally have our first look at the film after apparent poster images popped up on Twitter. The leak shows a matured Elsa & Anna in an Autumn theme.

Similar images have been found, including one featuring Olaf and a familiar green friend to the left.

While these pictures aren't 100% confirmed by Disney, the internet is pretty certain that it is leaked from the upcoming film.

Whether it is true or false, we sure are getting excited to see this film!