Hot Cross Buns are already back on Kiwi supermarket shelves

NZ 07/01/2019

Less than a fortnight has passed since Christmas, but Countdown is already stoking controversy by offering hot cross buns for sale.

The baked treat is traditionally consumed around Easter, in April. But the supermarket giant has come out with the buns several months early.

"Guess who's back - back again," it posted to Facebook. "Our fave buns are back, tell a friend."

The news has been met with a mixed reaction, with some accusing the buns of being "too soon".

"Nothing is special if you can have it all the time," said one complainer.

Meanwhile, others welcomed the buns with open mouths.

"We love them and sure we'll be partaking in them soon enough!" one person wrote.

Countdown has responded to the controversy with an Eminem-esque question for Kiwis.

"If you had

One bun

Or one six pack

With all the butter you ever wanted

In January

Would you do it

Or just let it go?"