Kiwis reveal their strangest Trade Me exchanges

NZ 21/01/2019

Reddit uses have revealed some bizarre exchanges on New Zealand's largest auction website. 

From heated encounters to downright peculiar product listings, the Reddit thread shows the dark and often comical side of Trade Me.  

One Reddit user recalled a rather unexpected bidding war over a "really strange ring". The seller originally purchased the gold ring for $14 and decided to try and sell it for more.

The Reddit user listed the ring on Trade Me at a $1 reserve price. After that a bidding war broke out and the ring fetched $240. 

When the new purchaser received the ring "she realised how weird it was, like I had, but wanted a refund", the Reddit user said. 

When she saw that the ring had originally been purchased for $14, she "went nuts". 

"I explained that I listed it at $1 and if she was stupid enough to bid it so high that's her problem."

Another Reddit user recalled the time a "complete mental woman" was trying to sell a book about how the New Zealand Police "screwed over her son". 

The woman allegedly listed a PlayStation 2 said to be brand new. It wasn't until the Reddit user read the three-page long description that they realised the woman just needed to fund her exposé and had no intention of selling the advertised product. 

"I looked at her profile and all her feedback was negative, going on about how completely mental she was."  

In another exchange, a Reddit user said a man described as an Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike and his wife turned hostile after realising they'd been sold second-hand outdoor feeding trough for cows which had scratches on it. 

"They explained they had driven three hours to pick this up and were very unhappy. They lived right next to the factory so could have bought a new one," the Reddit user said. 

"I suggested if they were that far away and that fussy they should have asked for a more detailed description and more photos (or just bought a new one). 

"I explained that a new one would have the same wear after a few months. I even offered a 50 percent discount."

The couple refused to buy the product and eventually left bad feedback on the Reddit user's profile. The Reditter responded by calling the pair "insane". 

Worried that the insult could hurt their reputation and future dealings on Trade Me, the pair asked the Reddit user to delete the comment. 

"I try to explain that only people looking at my page will see the response. Nobody they know or are doing a deal with will see it as it isn't even on their profile.

"She doesn't get it. Multiple phone calls later she finally gave up."