Man shares "clever as" $2 Kmart garage storage hack

we love 08/01/2019

When it comes to organisation hacks, most of us cannot get enough. Especially when it is a hack that is easy on the wallet.

One woman took to Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group to share an idea her husband came up with that cost $2.

The clever storage hack is designed with fishing rods in mind and does require a little bit of DIY. The results are awesome, and don't damage the rods and stops them from taken up precious real estate in the garage!

The hack shows that the man has purchased a pool noodle from his local Kmart, cut it to length of his storage unit and wedged it inbetween. He has then made a couple of incisions for his rods to slot into. 

The post fast garnered likes and comments, with many woman commenting "Just showed my husband and he's impressed, gonna give it a go,"

Others said that they would rework the hack to fit for the likes of loose golf clubs or other items too.

But for many, it wasn't just the pool noodle hack that they were impressed with. A lot of mums on the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page wanted the man to come in and show their hubby and partners tips and tricks on how to keep their whole shed/garage clean and organised like his!

"If he could come to my place and teach my hubby to tidy his shed like this it would be great! I have a serial ‘shover’ on my hands," one poster responded.