Man sparks outrage after sharing pictures of eggs benedict 'monstrosity'

omg 09/01/2019

A UK man has shared a picture of what may be the worst ordered breakfast we've ever seen.

Thomas Hesketh ordered an eggs benedict when out for a weekend breakfast at the Wigan branch of Tesco, only to receive a dish he described as a "monstrosity".

Typically, an eggs benedict has an English muffin base, or perhaps potato hash or toast, and is topped with bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise. But this dish came out looking far from how it should.

Two eggs sat perched on top of sliced deli ham, topped with two congealed dollops of hollandaise sauce.

The man revealed he paid about $9.50NZD for the meal.

Tesco asked whether he had taken the unappealing dish back to the counter which, of course, he had. But the staff had told him that if he sent it back it would only return looking near the same.

For his troubles, Tesco sent him a £20 voucher.

Reactions on Twitter have varied between amused and outraged.

"Looks like it needed a bra, not a knife and fork," pointed out one person.

"I am so confused, that is vanilla ice cream surely," wrote another.

"Phlegm on ham," one person succinctly put it.