Mum divides internet after posting video of her toddler using a sharp knife

parenting 18/01/2019

People on the internet are questioning one mum after she posted a video of her toddle using a knife to cut up some vegetables. 

The mum submitted the video into a popular parenting blogger with the intention of highlighting that it's never too early for children to help with household chores.

“I’ve been working on giving my 2.5-year-old meaningful helper roles during our household tasks, not just to 'occupy' him while I get things done, but ways he can really contribute," the mum wrote.

The comments under the post range from positive to negative.

One woman wrote "LOVE! My 2 girls age 2 and 4 help me cook everyday. I give them chopping boards, sharp Japanese knives (which I have taught them how to use) and they chop all the veggies."

While others didn't share that same positive point of view.

"This gives me anxiety. Even at 26 I’ve accidentally sliced my finger a few times!"

"Am I the only one freaking out about a 2 year old with a knife?!? Yes it’s absolutely a great idea to have them help you with meaningful jobs 😍 but...a 2 year old with a knife?!? 😅😅😳 No thanks"