Mum furious after her best friend names her daughter after two of her kids names

omg 15/01/2019

When it comes to best friends, it's not rare to have the odd squabble. 

But one unnamed woman is about to start a full on war with her best friend after she named her new daughter using two of her children's names.

Taking to Reddit to vent about the situation, the woman explained that she and the other woman have been “BEST friends” for years. She goes on to say that this was a move she never would have expected. “One of my very best friends named her daughter two of my children's names,” she wrote in the post.

“She named her daughter Nix Ryan. My son's first name is Nix and my daughter's middle name is Ryan.”

And while some would call it an honest mistake or a strange form of flattering imitation, this mum wasn’t having a bar of it.

When I said "Oh wow, our kids share names." She said "I didn't even realize when I picked it, and later was like OMG."

Further explaining her case, she said:

"Two things:

  1. Guys, we are BEST friends. She knows my children's name. She was at most of their births. I am just so perplexed by this.

  2. She had TONS of items that are embroidered with her name on them. This had to have been thought about well before the birth."

I am not suggesting that she cannot name her child whatever she wishes I just thought it was very odd that she never told me before she named her.

In a later update from the woman who started the post, she revealed that it is something worth calling off the friendship for.

She decided to confront her friend about the names and; “Spoiler Alert: We will no longer be friends.”

"She immediately went on the defensive and started crying,” the mum explained, “She said that after everything we have been through she couldn't believe I was ending our friendship over a name.”

The woman's now ex-bestfriend tried to defend herself saying, "She said, ‘That's okay, I see your true colors now, and for what it's worth, her name isn't Nix. It's Onyx and I just call her Nix because I think its cute,’" she recalled.

"I said, ‘Why are you just telling me this two months later, and why have you never, anywhere mentioned that her name was Onyx, and why is not spelled Nyx then?’ At which point she hung up on me."

Do you think you would cut off a friendship over a name?