Mum refuses to pay babysitter because she had "fun" and "free icecream"

omg 14/01/2019

A mum has tried to say that she is not paying her babysitter after she received "free icecream" and had "a day of fun".

The sister of the babysitter reached out to news website BoredPanda to speak about the ordeal.

"My sister’s name is Kristen which is, unfortunately, all I can give you,” the sister said.

“She had never met [the woman] before, but my sister has her own babysitting website in our town so that’s how the woman contacted her. Beforehand, my sister described her as ‘respectful and courteous,’ which made it all the weirder that the woman attempted to turn around and scheme her."

In a series of texts, the sister revealed how the woman tried to get out of paying the babysitter, eventually getting verbally abusive and blocking her. 

After sharing the ordeal online, the sister was swamped with recommendations that they should take the mum to a small claims court. As they were blocked from the mum's phone, they contacted her via her husband. They told him the situation and mentioned the idea that as a last-resort they would go through the small claims court. 

The husband was "quite sheepish about the whole thing" and their light-hearted threat was enough to get the mum to unblock their number off of her phone. The money was sent through with an hour of their contact.