Mum shares epic space-saving hack for mum's with little ones

parenting 01/02/2019

If people aren't parents, they have no idea how much space tens of little baby onesies can take up in wardrobes or dressers. But, the little onesies are deceiving, especially when you are continually getting gifted them and having to buy new ones to fit your fast-growing baby.

The other struggle with excess baby onesies is storing them and having them be rather unorganized. If they're folded, you forget about the ones at the bottom of the pile and continue using the ones most recently washed and dried as they are right there in reach - convenient.

One mum named Stacy knew the onesie struggle well. Sick of her unorganized onesie mess, she knew there had to be a better way. So she started to play around with a new system to organize her onesies, and one day it hit her: The way to finally be able to keep them organized.

The hack she discovered is so simple that it’s brilliant.

Posting on Facebook she wrote, “Friends with babies—Recently came across this little organization hack that makes storing and finding onesies so much easier!….you’re welcome. I may be a dork…but I’m an organized one 

“I finally figured out how to hang onesies in a way that saves space and is organized in a way that I can quickly find what I am looking for in the morning. Woo-hoo!” she added. “Doesn’t take much to please me … a little organization goes a long way!”

The Facebook post racked up over 20,000 likes and over 209,000 shares. Fellow moms are absolutely loving the onesie hack and are thankful for Stacy for bringing it into their lives.

“What a great idea! I’ll be doing this soon lol!” one mum posted.

Someone shared an additional benefit to the hack: “Great way to save hangers!” they wrote.