Mum shocked after discovering her two adopted children are actually siblings

we love 14/01/2019

A single mother received a shock she never anticipated after discovering her two adopted children were actually related to each other. 

The mum, Katie, had her marriage end in divorce in her early 30's. Following the divorce she decided to switch up her life, buy a new home and start a new career. After an email from her local pastor, she looked into becoming a foster mum.

Before making her decision to enter foster care, Katie decided to attend meetings to better inform herself about the potential endeavor. 

"What I heard that evening about foster care gave me chills and scared me, but it also pulled at my heart in a way I couldn't stop thinking about it," Katie revealed in a blog post.

She went on to foster four children before realizing she might want to adopt a child and give them a permanent home. 

It was a phone call about a newborn baby boy who was abandoned at a local hospital that made her decide she was ready to adopt. While the caseworker said that the child was intially to be fostered, there could be a chance that Katie could adopt him.

"I immediately called her back and said "I want him! Give me five minutes and please don’t call anyone else," Katie wrote. 

She named the boy Grayson, as he was nameless, and he joined her household soon after.

"Part of me was relieved that no one came forward, so that he would be mine forever with no opposition," the new mum wrote. "But there was always a pit in my stomach about one day having to tell my son no one showed up at his termination hearing."

After 11 months, Grayson became legally her son. 

About two weeks after Grayson legally became her son, Katie recieved another call for another newborn who was in a similar situation to Grayson. This time it was a baby girl.

While Katie revealed she was nervous about taking on another newborn, four hours after she got the call, the little girl was at Katie's home. Katie then had to adjust to life with two little babies.

"As I reviewed the bracelets on the baby girl, I saw the first name of her mother matched the name Grayson’s mother had given to the hospital," she wrote. 

Katie then reviewed the hospital discharge papers and notice that the birth mother also had the same birth date as Grayson's birth mother. This forced her to wonder if the two children could possibly be related. 

"To give some context, Grayson is half African American with beautiful darker skin and dark curly hair,' Katie wrote. 'Baby Girl has a pale white skin tone with straight red-blonde hair. From first glance the children looked nothing alike."

The nagging feeling the two children could be related led Katie to contact the birth mother and meet with her. When meeting the birth mother, the woman admitted to having a boy before giving birth to a girl.

It was later confirmed by the caseworker that the two young kids in Katie's care were in fact related.

"What if Baby Girl had gone to another family?" Katie questioned in her blog post. 

"We would have never found her or Grayson’s mother. The connection would have never been made! I could not believe the miracle that had just happened."