Mum sparks debate after sharing photo of her son playing on phone while at dinner

parenting 09/01/2019

Mum blogger Kristina Kuzmic is known for informing and sometimes upsetting other parents with her no-nonsense views about raising kids in a modern age.

Kristina's recent post on her Facebook about dinner table etiquette is her latest post to spark up a big debate in the comments section.

Kuzmic shared a photo of her young son dining out with her, showing the boy staring down at his phone while a mini pizza next to him sat uneaten.

As the blogger put it, "I’m 100% sure there are people who judge this behavior. I’m also 100% sure this behavior won’t turn my kid into a monster or a failure or a convicted criminal."

While Kuzmic said her older children never swiped through dinner while staring at a screen, she says they’re not "superior" to their little brother because of that.

In the comments section of her post, Kuzmic’s 2 million fans were pretty evenly divided between agreeing and disagreeing with her.

"We do this," one fan wrote. "Three-years-olds do not sit still at restaurants."

"Sorry," someone else wrote. "But kids are being damaged by things like this."

"If we go out to dinner it’s family time. Period," another wrote.