Mum pours tomato sauce on daughter's head as part of odd back to school hack

omg 01/02/2019

A mum has gone viral online after pouring tomato sauce on her daughter's head to help get her ready to go back to school...

"Day before school - This is how every blonde finishes their summer holidays when growing up! Blonde hair + chlorine = Green." she wrote on Instagram

"Nothing like good old trusty tomato sauce to strip the green out! Hands up if your mum use to put tomato sauce in your hair."

The theory is that the sauce helps to remove any green tinge that cholrine may leave behind in blonde hair.

Many people were amazed by the hack and were even keen to try it out for themselves.

"Fascinating!! I had no idea! Great hack." wrote one person.

"Oh Wow! I never knew this! It would have saved me from many an embarrassing moment at school. Who knew!" someone else added.

Will you be trying this hack out?