Mum sparks outrage after admitting to breastfeeding in a public pool

parenting 28/01/2019

A woman has sparked a heated debate online after admitting to breastfeeding her baby in a public swimming pool.

The mum shared her story on Facebook, where she probably didn't get the reaction she was after...

"Yesterday was the second time the lifeguards at the pool I take my son to for swimming lessons has asked me to get out of the water because I was breastfeeding my 10-month-old son," she wrote.

“The reasons they gave me were: no food and drink allowed in the pool, getting milk in the water is a hygiene risk and my baby might vomit in the water,” she continued. “I’m not usually one to make waves but it’s really affected me and I’m quite angry and upset by this experience.”

People were quick to jump in and share their views...

"I’m sorry but no. I’m totally pro-breastfeeding but really people use some discretion, with the amount of germs in public pools there is no way I would feed my child in there." one wrote.

"What if your baby accidentally got chlorine in their mouth though? It would be a lot safer FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY if you just got out of the pool to breastfeed? I’m all for breastfeeding in public as it’s such a lovely thing but for yours and your baby’s health I would do it out of the pool," another mum pointed out.

But others didn't see the big deal, with some people admitting to doing the same thing!

"I breastfed my one-year-old in a pool a few days ago and to be honest didn’t even consider that it might not be ‘allowed’"

Would you have a problem with someone doing this at your local pool?

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle