Mum tells her friend her baby's name is common and it doesn't go down well

parenting 10/01/2019

Picking names for babies can be a very a big task. It's a big decision and when you are starting to settle on a name, it can be quite a good idea to run it passed your nearest and dearest to hear their honest opinions.

But one woman found herself in an unusual position when her girlfriend told her what she was going to call her new baby.

The friend wanted a name that was unique, so revealed she had picked Aurora.

The woman didn't hate the name, but did say that if she wanted a unique name, Aurora wasn't the one.

According to the woman, the name has featured in the Top 100 baby names lists a couple times now.

While the woman thought her honest feedback to her friend was fine to say, the woman revealed on Mumsnet that her friend was "annoyed" and kicked off.

"I've been wondering if I said the wrong thing." the woman wrote in regards to being honest with her friend.

Many commenters said that she was right to be so honest, especially since it is such a close friend.

Other's said that they doubt that Aurora is that popular of a name and said she should have kept her opinions to herself.