Parents share the most hilarious reasons their children have thrown tantrums

we love 25/01/2019

Popular Australian Youtuber and social influencer Christian Hull recently took to his Facebook page to ask his followers why their kids threw ridiculous tantrums for stupid reasons.

His post quickly garnered multiple hilarious responses from parents located all over the world. Some of the most popular replies raked up thousands of reactions on the comments and below are some of the best.

"My then 3 y.o daughter had a python snake lolly (like an allens snake but huge) and named it. She had it for a few days until one day i heard her suddenly bawling in her room. Of course i dropped what i was doing and rushed in to save her....and found her sitting in the corner of her room clutching the headless snake sobbing.....and chewing. She had lost the battle with temptation to eat her lolly pet snake.😂"

"Because when we were on our Christmas light drive through the city, the other kids got to see a prostitute and she didn't."

When she was 3 my daughter had a screaming tantrum in the supermarket because she didn’t want boysenberry yoghurt (she wanted girlsberry 🤦‍♀️)

"I offered him the wrong hand to hold. Lay on the footpath and screamed, I might have uttered the words 'I do not have time for this shit'. Passing cyclist raised clenched fist in air in show of solidarity and yelled 'I feel you mumma'."

"My 6 year old daughter came running frantically towards me screaming with a blood curdling scream and was howling "oh no, his bone is sticking out, help mummy, hes gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiie" I go running to my son frantically phone in hand ready to call an erection. He had his first erection."

Because she wants long boobies like me 🤦‍♀️

"She didn’t get to hear the dog fart and everybody else did 😳"

"Her brother threw her invisible camera out the car window and I refused to turn around to get it."

"Because he couldn’t see his fart in the photo"

Because his sister had head lice and he didn’t

"His father wouldn't buy him something out of the vending machine in toilets, it was a condom machine"

"My beautiful nephew went into melt down once because he didn't win a reading competition. He could neither read, nor did he actually enter the competition"

Because his brother 3 flushed the toilet and he didn't get to see the poo he was just 2. Head in toilet crying poo come back poo come back huge sobs omg couldn't stop laughing and no video camera.

"When I accidentally sat on my then 2 year old daughters imaginary friend and killed her. Thankfully I gave the invisible friend CPR and brought her back to life 😅"