People are baffled after realising we've all been saying this popular phrase wrong

omg 22/01/2019

A writer named Tammy Cohen has gone viral on Twitter after sharing how she discovered she'd been saying a popular phrase wrong for years...

"My copyeditor has corrected 'you've another thing coming' to 'you've another think coming' and I just Googled it and she's right and now everything I've ever known is a lie." the woman wrote.

The tweet quickly sent shockwaves across Twitter, with many people expressing their shock at the realistion.

"No, no, no... It can't be. Can it?" wrote one person.

"I used to smugly think that people who used 'think' had got it wrong, but it was me all along, and now I feel a fool." added another.

Someone else argued back and suggested we stick with saying 'thing' as it seems that's the most common way of saying the phrase...

"I've had this too! And if so many of us use thing, and think it's thing, surely it's not wrong to use thing? It makes much more sense for a start. What is a think? Stick to thing. Stand up for thing. We all think it's thing!"

Which way do you think you'll say this saying going forward?