People can't decide if this McDonald's hack is genius or risky

omg 18/01/2019

McDonald's UK have shared a life hack that they came across online. Some have called it genius but others think it could end in a mess.

"Carry your whole meal in one hand with this hack we spotted. Who else is giving this a try?" the fastfood giants wrote.

They then shared a photo of the hack which needs to be seen to be believed...

People were quick to comment on the 'all food in one hand' hack...

"Instead of this being a hack, why don't you try and make the actual packaging be able to have the meal like this without it causing a mess or spilling everywhere." wrote one person.

"This seems like a fantastic way of losing your whole meal in one go." someone else said.

But others were more positive saying the idea was 'brilliant' and that they'd 'defintiely give it a go'.

Would you give this Maccas hack a go next time you treat yourself?