Science reveals babies who struggle to settle at night are actually gifted

we love 10/01/2019

Those sleep deprived nights may have an upside after science has revealed that those babies who don't sleep through the night are actually very gifted.

Research from a UK university has established what it believes to be a direct link between a baby’s inability to sleep through the night and their intelligence.

In other words, non-sleeping babies are potentially smarter than ones who sleep like tiny angels.

Professor Peter Fleming from the University of Bristol said in an interview with Buzzfeed, said not sleeping through the night and intelligence are correlated.

"There’s a link between very high levels of developmental and intellectual achievement and not sleeping throughout the night,” he told the publication.

“Human infants are not designed to sleep for long periods, it’s not good for them, and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that there is any benefit to anybody from having a child that sleeps longer and consistently.

“That’s not perhaps what most parents would like to hear.”

So keep covering up those eyebags and trying not to lose your sanity as it should all work out in the end when your child is winning a Noble Peace prize!