Son sends heartbreaking text to dad following news he isn't his biological father

parenting 08/01/2019

A high-profile businessman, millionaire Richard Mason has recently revealed his shock after discovering that his three sons he has fathered since their birth (more than 20 years) are not biologically his.

The shocking news came that he wasn't the father of his three sons, the eldest being 23 and the other two 19, after doctors told him he has been infertile since birth and diagnosed him with cystic fibrosis.

The disease prevents male sufferers from fathering children naturally. He then took DNA tests which confirmed that he was not the boys’ father. Mr Mason now believes that the same man fathered all three boys during an on/off four-year affair with his ex-wife Kate, 54.

The 55-year-old’s ex-wife has now been ordered to pay him £250,000, but is allowed her to keep the identity of the real father of her sons a secret.

Tragically, two of the boys no longer speak to Mr Mason. However, he has now revealed a text he received from the third boy last month.

It read: “Dad, as I explained from the beginning you would never not be dad to me regardless of all this."

“Of course I’ll stay in touch, that will never change… I’m always here for you too and you will always be Dad. Love you x.”

When speaking to media outlets, Richard Mason said “You don’t know what’s real and what isn’t – it’s as if I’m living in The Matrix.”