Study finds poking fun at your other half can make your relationship stronger

funny stuff 16/01/2019

Good, strong relationships are often filled with lots of inside jokes, personal banter and laughter. And what better way to do that than to poke fun at your partner?!

The happiest couples know how to poke fun at one another and where to draw the line in doing so. Now science has confirmed that having a laugh at each other’s expense can make a couple stronger.

Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kansas, has conducted 39 studies involving over 15,000 people over the course of 30 years.

An underlying finding from his studies concluded that humour was a critical part of building a successful relationship.

More specifically, Hall goes on to explain that partners should share a similar sense of humour to get the best results from a relationships.

In a statement, Hall delved into the compatibility he explored:

“People say they want a sense of humor in a mate, but that’s a broad concept. That people think you are funny or you can make a joke out of anything is not strongly related to relationship satisfaction.What is strongly related to relationship satisfaction is the humor that couples create together.”

“Say you and your partner share a quirky sense of humor, but romantic comedies or sit-coms do nothing for either of you… It’s not that any style or a sense of humor is any better or worse.”

“What matters is that you both see quirky humor as hysterical. If you share a sense of what’s funny, it affirms you and affirms your relationship through laughter.”