These are the pet names predicted to be the most popular in 2019

we love 17/01/2019

If you're planning on expanding your family this year by getting a new pet, then you might be in need of some cute names!

'Pets at Home' have done a study and figured out what names will be the most popular in 2019...

Pet names for male cats:

Charlie, Milo, Oscar, Alfie, Simba, Gizmo, Tigger, Leo, Jasper, George

Pet names for female cats:

Luna, Bella, Poppy, Lola, Molly, Daisy, Millie, Tilly, Willow, Smudge

Pet names for male dogs:

Alfie, Charlie, Bailey, Max, Buddy, Teddy, Milo, Oscar, Archie, Toby

Pet names for female dogs:

Bella, Poppy, Lola, Daisy, Molly, Ruby, Luna, Millie, Rosie, Coco

Pet names for birds:

Charlie, Kirsty, Ollie, Bernard, Basil

Pet names for rabbits:

Flopsy, Thumper, Luna, Cookie, Rosie, Peter, Fluffy

Source: GoodToKnow