Video goes viral showing dad dressing up as Elsa with son and dancing to 'Let It Go'

we love 30/01/2019

A gorgeous new video has been sweeping social media showing a Norweigian dad and his son Dexter having fun while mum wasn't home.

In the video, the pair are dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, complete with tiaras, and are dancing their hearts out to one of the songs biggest hits - 'Let It Go'.

"[Dexter]'s just the biggest fan of Elsa at the moment," Burøe told CBS News. "I thought maybe I should try to see it through his eyes." So naturally, dad ordered two Elsa costumes on eBay and dressed up with his son to get down. Burøe told CBS News that his son and the public both learn something from the experience. "It's important to embarrass yourself and let it go," he told the news outlet.

The video has over 76 million views, and counting.