Woman furious at the timing of her sister's pregnancy announcement

omg 11/01/2019

A furious new mum has taken to the internet to ask if she is being unreasonable after her sister decided to announce her pregnancy just a couple of weeks after she gave birth herself.

She explained that after she gave birth, her family organised a get-together to welcome her new baby boy.

"My sister picked that moment to tell everyone she's pregnant. I am so p---ed off about it. It was my special moment. I have not talked to her since," she wrote.

"She keeps ringing me every day to ask me why I am angry, or ignoring her. She even went to knock on my door, but I ignored it.

“My mum rang me telling me my sis is sad about the situation, and wants to see me. I am just so annoyed. Am I being unreasonable to be that annoyed?"

It did not take long for the comments to flood in underneath, with many telling the woman she was being ridiculous about the whole thing and other's said her over-the-top, furious reaction had a lot to do with hormones.

"Yes. You are being very unreasonable. You are not the first and not will you be the last to have a baby. I'd blame the hormones, say sorry and move on," wrote one user.

Another added: "Completely unreasonable. You should be overjoyed that your child will have a cousin close to their age."

"You are being totally and utterly unreasonable btw. Sort it out and ring your sister," added another.