Woman threatens to divorce husband over baby's name

omg 08/01/2019

One soon-to-be mum is apparently threatening to divorce her husband over the name of their new baby.

While the baby hasn't even been born yet, the one time discussion they have had about what to call the new bub has almost ended in the complete combustion of the marriage.

The disgruntled woman took to Reddit to vent about her husband’s insensitive choice of name. And while she never reveals the exact name he wants to call the baby, when she revealed her husband wanted to name their child after his ex, we can see how the row kicked off.

The woman describes how the name he wants to call the baby isn't any old ex either, it's the ex of someone he was once truly and utterly head over heels in love for.

"In the beginning of our relationship we had many problems because of her but she moved away so the problems went away,” said the mother to be in the Reddit post.

She then goes on to question whether she is being irrational or not.

He doesn’t understand how much it’s affecting me and keeps saying its just the hormones. Is he still in love with the ex or it’s normal that he wants to name OUR child like that.

That being said, the father is willing to give some sort of compromise. If he names Baby No. 1 after his ex, he said that the mother can name the second child.

Commenters on the furious womans original post mostly fall on her side with many using colourful language to describe her husband. 

With two months to go until the woman gives birth, we hope they can both get sorted on a name they BOTH like!