You could get paid $65,000 to binge watch your favourite TV shows

we love 31/01/2019

If you've ever been guilty of binge watching one of your favourite TV shows, then this might be your dream job!

A UK company is giving someone the chance to literally get paid to watch TV. NOW TV are giving one person the chance to win $65,000 NZD to sit and binge watch their favourite shows!

To be in to win you'll just need to submit a video showcasing why you deserve it. Unfortunately though it is only available to people who currently live in the UK.

"For anyone who loves telly, this really is the most unbelievable gig. Sitting with my feet up watching my favourite shows and getting paid for the privilege is something I quite literally dream about." one of the judges said.

So while there are a few strings, moving to the UK and getting paid to watch telly could be worth it!