You could get paid to be a witch or a wizard at the 'Wizarding World Of Harry Potter'

we love 24/01/2019

It's time to brush off your broomstick and magic wand and get ready to apply for the job of a lifetime!

Universal Studios in California are seeking people to play witches and wizards at their 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter'.

The application says they are "seeking energetic dancers and talented performers to entertain park guests of all ages at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City."

They also noted that "candidates for speaking roles must be able to speak in the specified British dialect for a sustained period of time."

The application doesn't say how much you'd be paid, but it'd be a pretty fun gig!

So if getting paid to pretend to be student of Hogwarts all day sounds like you, there's more infomation on the Universal website.