'Vintage' millennial store selling VHS tapes for up to $40

omg 21/02/2019

It feels like it was not too long ago that DVDs did not exist and we only had a few TV channels and a bunch of movies on VHS tapes to provide us with a form of entertainment.

But alas, DVDs started becoming mainstream in the earlier 2000's, after first being created in 1995.  

And now the tapes have been labeled 'cool' and 'vintage' after showing up on shelves in alternative, vintage store Urban Outfitters.

Now, for US$40 you can buy a pack of 5 random VHS tapes to use as decor (because it's now rare to own a tape player). 

The movies are bundled into genre-based mystery packs, and the company promises that they will be “unique, iconic and will vary from what is pictured here.” That means the tapes could be essentially anything that Urban Outfitters and their partner Studiohouse Designs deems “iconic”.

The product has already attracted less than impressed reviews (now deleted) with one saying:

“This is a whole new low for this capitalist site.” 

What baffles us the most is that people, presumably hipsters, will be buying these when you could go to a second hand store and grab a couple for just a few dollars.

But either way, these VHS tapes hitting shelves for that inflated price has us feeling old!