7-year-old stuns crowd with sign language cover of 'This Is Me'

we love 28/02/2019

A 7-year-old girl has quickly turned into a viral sensation after an impressive video was uploaded to the internet of her covering The Greatest Showman's 'This Is Me'.

What was unique about the cover was that she did it all in sign language, and what was even more special is that she is not deaf but has been learning sign at school and found a real passion for it.

The young girl entered in the song at her local talent show.

Speaking of his daughter's performance her dad, who shared the original video, said:  "It was a local dance group she goes to and they put on a talent show for the kids."

"Jessica chose to go into the open category to do sign language - she had learned it in school and really enjoys it."

"She cares for everyone and wanted to involve something that includes other people and lets others enjoy something different."

The moving performance received a standing ovation and even moved a judge to tears.